About us

We know the moods of the vine and its life cycle, we dialogue with every row.

The history of Santone wines is inextricably linked to that of our father Tito Gabriele Santone, born in 1952 with his deep peasant roots and ancient rural values. Since childhood, he had worked in the vineyards of the great landowners of Abruzzo, growing passion, and competence at the same time. A path that has never stopped, until 2013 when our winery was born, living years of sacrifices but also of gratifications and continuous improvements.

Our father’s stubbornness has allowed us to be among the first to understand which lots of lands were the best for the cultivation of the vine, managing to achieve something important when no one would have thought to invest in these seemingly difficult areas. For forty years we have been the guardians of what for us is not only the wine that best expresses the spirit of our region, but represents the best Italian red: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, in particular, the DOCG Colline Teramane.

We grew up believing that wine is made in the vineyard and grows in the cellar: attention to each bunch, patience spent in the rows, respect for the value of expectation, commitment to environmental sustainability, but also the combination of tradition and technological innovation. These are the cornerstones of a production philosophy we pursue day after day to offer the highest quality from the transformation of the bunch to the glass, operating in a structure that we have created as the welcoming home in which to grow Santone wines.